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HR Outsourcing: Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level, increase profits and the value of your business? Outsourcing HR in business is a prime strategy implemented by not only big brands but also small enterprises to advance their profits. By utilizing the services of an outside company such as Lan-x Africa Limited to perform specialized business functions; companies can focus on what it is they do best rather than struggling with tasks they do not have specific expertise in.

Why do companies outsource HR?

Many organizations outsource some of their business functions to become more efficient, including services such as information technology, compliance and call center operations. Here are the top reasons companies consider HR Outsourcing:

  1. Reduce and control operating costs
  2. Improve company focus
  3. Gain access to world-class capabilities
  4. Free up internal resources
  5. A particular service is too time-consuming
  6. Insufficient resources are available internally
  7. Share risks with a partner company
  8. Accelerate reengineering benefits
  9. Reduce time to market

What are the most common business functions outsourced?

  • Payroll administration
  • Benefits administration
  • Workforce administration
  • Leave administration
  • Relocation and handling assignments
  • Performance management and training
  • Recruiting administration
  • Compensation administration

Benefits of HR Outsourcing

  1. Simplify and grow: HR Outsourcing will allow you to focus and build your business as well as save a great deal of time and internal resources.
  2. Increase Productivity: Employees can focus on their primary job functions, hence, increasing the entire company’s efficiency. HR programs such as learning and development, and employee training programs help to improve the growth and development of the employees.
  3. Decrease liability: By having an entire team of HR Professionals; your company will be fully compliant with all state regulations, and the HR provider assumes all responsibility.
  4. Attract and retain key employees: Outsourcing HR will help you offer a more professional workplace atmosphere and a better employee benefits package.
  5. Reduced Labour cost: Companies typically save up to 20% in the employee benefits, workers compensation.
  6. Scalability: Outsourcing HR allows businesses to expand as needed quickly. The business can grow in any other region fast.

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