Walking with you to overcome any financial challenges by equipping you with the knowledge you need to succeed financially.

Lan-x africa limited about us bg

One of our (Lan-x Africa Limited) major roles is to support the financial counseling profession in Kenya. We provide training and networking opportunities for our members and clients. The field of financial counselling addresses one of the most urgent and growing needs of our time. The number and complexity of financial issues that ordinary people must face have grown dramatically. As people come under the stress of financial decisions, they would invariably seek out those who can provide the much needed assistance that is both objective and applied. Financial counselling and training is specifically help-oriented, personalized and focuses on leading others to financial wellness. Based on the immense experience and successful work with our clients, the training equips you with the knowledge and practical skills to serve a dire need in our society today.

Our financial counselors listen in a non-judgmental and caring manner. They analyze and assess your financial situation and give you information about credit and debt issues. They work with you to develop a plan to improve your situation.

Planning for the future

Offers you practical guide on how to plan your future with precision.

Pre-retirement training

The sure way to help you retire honarably and in wealth.

Personal financial management

Equipping you with the knowledge you need to succeed financially.