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Learning taking place at Lan-x Africa Limited

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”- Benjamin Franklin

We believe that our clients’ success is our success; we believe in professionalism and consistently maintain a high standard of service.

Lan-x Africa Limited currently celebrates over 10 years of consultancy and training services to the Eastern Africa region and with customers in the public and corporate sectors.

We understand our clients business needs and seek to comprehend their business specific language. We help organisations explore extraordinary opportunities, manage and sustain growth and maximise revenue. Our passion and dedication for organisational success is through learning and development, the sure way to creating a performance oriented culture where everyone in the organisation is putting 100% of themselves.

Our Methodology

Research shows that participants remember only about 20% of what facilitators tell them in a classroom. But when they learn by doing, they retain 80% of the knowledge. When the participants make sensible business decisions in a business simulation and immediately see the results of their actions, the important business principles become a part of their natural thinking. That’s why we use Business Simulations because our key concern is what happens after the training.

Business simulations help:

  • Impact audiences in a more engaging, dynamic and effective way than traditional methods.
  • Builds alignment, commitment, and execution capability around corporate strategies, business models, and initiatives.
  • Provide a realistic approximation of the business environment and create interactions that allow participants to experience their role in delivering results.
  • Allow for the practice of key behaviours and skills that impact business results.

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

business simulations

Our Strength

Cutting Edge Training methodologies

Cutting Edge Training methodologiesOur training programs deliver 90% learning engagement, and our learning system boosts knowledge retention by 90%, so skills are learned, applied, and transferred to the job. We use various training methodologies that have proven global success to enhance learning in an adult set up.

Complete Learning System

Training is not our focus. Behavior change is. We have a complete learning system that includes assessment, program customization, and robust reinforcement to ensure that learning drives behaviour change and top performance. For we believe that the biggest impact training should have is one the person’s behaviour and attitude towards their expected performance.

Solid Partnerships

We partner with the organisation to ensure business objectives are achieved through capacity building. Our partnerships go beyond our services. Since we know the bottom line is the actual measure of your success, we use the same to ensure you succeed.



Research-BasedOur training is fueled by decades of experience and our primary research study, in which we look at industry trends, best practices of what companies with the highest growth do differently than the rest.

Our Range of Training

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Lan-x Africa Limited is committed to moulding leaders who will have a local and global impact in the 21st century through:

  • Commercial leadership: Helps organization develop a commercially – driven workforce who are switched on to speed in business.
  • Why Finance Matters: Provides participants with a clear understanding of the financial consequences of decisions and actions and impact on business performance.
  • Effective Supervisory skills: A team is as good as its leader, managers/supervisors must drive performance and ensure business growth through effective people management.
  • Personal Effectiveness: Ensuring employees are effective at a personal level for enhanced productivity and retention.

Revenue Development

Our passion is to see companies grow their revenue either through increased sales activity or efficient business mining.

  • Effective Selling Skills: We firmly believe what DIFFERENTIATES the average person from one who can rise above the competition is Effective Selling Skills.
  • High-Performance Selling: The only way to confidently prospect for qualified customers, hold effective meetings, and then close the sale – again and again – is by becoming a High-Performance Seller according to Brian Tracy.
  • Customer Relationship Management: The smart way to nurture the goose that lays the golden egg.
  • Key Account Management: Enhanced relationships for continued business mining.
  • World Class Customer Service: Creating the WOW factor with every customer engagement.

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